mechanical safe / digital / free-standing / for hotel rooms



  • Technology:

    mechanical, digital

  • Installation:


  • Other characteristics:

    for hotel rooms


Protect your most valuable objects!
With LED keypad, capacity to storing a 17” PC, up to 100 uses of records in memory, is the safest way to store your goods.

- LED display
- Motorised opening
- Suitable for laptop: <15”
- Three groups of code: guest code (3-6 digit), emergency and manager code
- Waterproof keyboard
- Braille keyboard
- 100 pieces of safe opening and closing record can be printed via portable printer
- Mechanical override key
- Laser cut
- EEPROM memory (more than 40 years of information)
- 4 AA Alkaline batteries provide over 5000 openings.