wall-mounted speaker

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wall-mounted speaker wall-mounted speaker - EMP NANO


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This particularly sophisticated technology makes use of the wall as an acoustic complement
of load, which optimizes and increases the performances of both the speaker’s bandwidth
and directivity.

Extremely lively and expressive, its capacity for representing space is altogether spectacular.
Equipped with superb tonality and neutrality, it is highly versatile, suitable for all genres of
music, which it reproduces faithfully with a dynamism and an energy rare among
conventional speakers.

Suspended on the wall, where it is must be installed to perform properly, it disappears
entirely and the wall itself seems to become the source of the music, resulting in a unique
feeling of free space and fully natural musical life.

It is able to fill even a large room with ease. There is an astonishing homogeneity to the
sound as one changes listening locations: there is not a hint of audible deterioration of
spectral balance or loss of level or depth of sound.

With the EMPNANO, the "sweet spot" (positioning of the listener in front of the loudspeakers
for ideal listening) is considerably larger than with conventional speakers, enabling more
listeners to share the pleasure of a listening in optimal conditions.

The principle of diffusion since "time zero" of the room ensures an excellent operation of the
EMPNANO in acoustically difficult rooms in which speakers of traditional design would be
unable to offer equivalent technical and musical performance.

Impedance 4 ohms
Power handling 30 to 120 Watts
Sensitivity 91 dB/W/M (2.83 volts)
Glossy Piano Lacquer Black or Red
Connection Mono wiring
Dimensions L 35 P 10.5 H 68 cm
Weight 11 kg