closed wood hearth / 1-sided / double-sided / steel



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    1-sided, double-sided

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The Decor Plus exceeds all expectations for warmth. This wood stove reinvents ambiance and innovates radiance.

The Decor Plus range has been designed specifically for modern homes. For the supply of combustion air, the unit can be connected to the cellar or the crawl space, or if this is not possible, the Decor Plus can draw in air from the room.

It is also possible to equip it with two to four (with double-sided stoves) convection channels for the warm air. The Decor Plus is therefore perfectly suited for energy-efficient houses. The Decor Plus has a fan fitted underneath.

We can best describe Decor Plus’ design as vibrant, progressive and contemporary. The screen-printed glass and the standard finish with a 5 mm ‘étiré’ (stretch) frame give the Decor Plus a particularly distinctive appearance. The existing Decor Plus range includes various dimensions and a double-sided version, however, both the insert and its frame can also be tailored to your requirements.

Each Décor Plus is in energy efficiency class A and Décor Plus DS are in class A+.