security bollard / access control / parking prevention / stainless steel



  • Type:

    security, parking prevention, access control

  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Features:


  • Other characteristics:

    high, high-resistance


Kent Coffin Bollard KCB-101/3. Made from grade 316, 3mm thick stainless steel. The Kent Coffin bollard is used as an alternative to telescopic bollards where excavating to depths of up to 1200mm is not achieveable. The coffin bollard requires a depth of approx 200mm. When in use the bollard is an effective barrier against traffic. When not in use the bollard is neatly seated in its own box thereby reducing trip hazards to pedestrains.

The innovative design ensures trouble free operation and maintenance. The locks and lid are easy to use while the bollard pivots easily alowing the user to activate the bollard without any manual handling or safety issues.

A range of additional features (various tops and reflective strips) can be incorporated to ensure the bollards match other Kent Stainless bollards.

Satin Polish Finish to 320 grit
Minimum excavation required
Drain point to reduce weathering effects
3.05mm thick bollard
Can be used in emergency service access areas
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