stainless steel drainage channel / with grating / side-slotted / roof



  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Configuration:

    with grating, side-slotted

  • Applications:

    roof, patio

  • Other characteristics:

    rainwater, paved


The Kent Permeable Paving Channel KPPC125 with Side Inlet slots has been designed specifically for use in "level access" areas including flat roofs, balconies, roof gardens and terraces. The channel is shallow in depth with perforated/slotted sides to allow maximum ingress of water.

The Kent Permeable Paving Channel is generally used in conjunction with Kent Stainless Roof Drains to funnel and direct rainwater to the roof drain or existing rainwater outlets. This is particularly useful for areas of permeable paving and areas with decorative stone or gravel such as balconies.

The channel is fully manufactured from Stainless Steel and is available in Grade 304 & 316L. Its is supplied with fully welded end plates and joining brackets for easy on site installation. Kent Stainless full range of gratings can be used with the channel or with a simple light duty perforated or slotted grating can be used where cost is an issue. The lowest cost option is a 125mm wide channel with a Punched Slotted Grating.


Constant Depth of 50mm
Short lead time
Low cost
Lock down option available

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