stainless steel drainage channel / slot / street / for swimming pools

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stainless steel drainage channel stainless steel drainage channel - KSHC20


  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    street, for swimming pools, for kitchens


Ideal as a breakweater between dry and wet areas in factories. By removing the grating, the cost of the Kent Hexagonal Channel, the cost is lower than a Box Channel, and is easier to power hose clean. 20mm, 50mm and 70mm ope versions are available.
Widths are measured by using the Opening or Slot width, and the actual channel width adds 20mm to either side of the ope for a turnout/turndown edge profile. Eg a KSHC20 channel has a 20mm opening and physically measures 70mm outside edge to outside edge. Channel has a start depth of 80mm with a built in fall built in gives a maximum end depth of 110mm. on a 10m run with spigot at the end or 106mm with spigot in centre.

Smaller factory areas and Kitchens with low flow areas of approx 1 litre per second typically use a 110mm spigot outlet, trapped with a KFT110 bottle trap.
For Food, Beverage, Dairy, Meat Processing, Pharmaceutical and Chemical plants, and Kitchens where a power hose is used for washdown, a higher flow rate will be required and a KV215/110 or KV315/160 gully welded to a central point or to an end will be required. Flow rates of 5 litres per second minimum will then be achieved and this rate can be increased to 20 l/s.

The Turnout/Turndown edge profile accepts concrete infill, and for particularly heavy load areas (>10T forklifts) this edge profile readily accepts a box section infill or a solid bar infill.