stainless steel drainage channel / for commercial buildings



  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Applications:

    for commercial buildings


The Double Contained version of our Standard Box Channel – for areas with hazardous chemicals. The KSBC150DC channel is designed for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry and has been used also in the Nuclear Industry and in the Beverage Industry where there is high concentrations of acidic discharge.

Comes with a built in fall as standard. Widths are measured by using the Grating width, and the actual channel width adds 20mm to either side of the grating for a turnout/turndown edge profile. eg a KVBC150 channel takes a 150mm wide grating and physically measures 190mm outside edge to outside edge.

Channel has a start depth of 125mm with 1:150 fall built in gives an end depth of 191mm on a 10m run with spigot at the end or 158mm with spigot in centre. For Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Chemical plants, a high flow rate will be required and a KVDC215/4”/6” or KVDC315/6”/8” gully welded to a central point or to an end will be required. The majority of American Multinational Pharmaceutical plants use SCH10 piping, and the standard grade of stainless is grade 316. Flow rates of 5 litres per second minimum will then be achieved and this rate can be increased to 20 l/s.