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steel door profile / PVC / thermally-insulated



  • Material:

    steel, PVC

  • Technical characteristics:



Design your residential door just as you imagine it. To help you, KÖMMERLING 88 comes with a range of woodgrain, plain, and metallic colours as well as functional/ornamental glazing, residential door panelling, and additions. However you decide, the KÖMMERLING 88 residential door system always gives your guests a friendly reception – each and every time.

KÖMMERLING 88 residential door systems are characterised by a plethora of technological specialities providing a high level of reliability, outstanding thermal insulation, excellent weather tightness, and good static properties. You will always make the right decision with the KÖMMERLING 88 premium residential door system.

The residential door system provides all that is needed for high quality, inward opening residential door systems, including the modern construction depth of 88 mm. In this six chamber system, both internal and external insulating chambers provide a shield against cold and heat. Moreover, they exhibit a high base stability. The large steel reinforcements form a solid, closed frame. The sash corners are reinforced with welded corner connectors forming a nonpositive connection with the steel reinforcement. These absorb bending and torsional forces, e.g. from jemmying attempts, and deflect them through the entire surrounding steel frame.