contemporary office armchair / fabric / swivel / on casters



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    swivel, on casters, with armrests, with headrest, adjustable-height


Design for a miracle movement.

The more static the work, the more one should move while sitting. The TENSA family of office chairs meets this demand to the greatest possible extent. The result is that TENSA ensures greater concentration and motivation in the workplace. The TENSA secret is its DTS synchronous mechanism ("Dynamic Torsion System"). It provides the body with optimum support for forward and backward movement with the ideal synchro ratio of 1:2. The front of the seat is lowered, which stimulates circulation in the legs. The backrest is designed to support a twisting movement and the seat has lateral flexibility, so that the posture remains correct even when the sitter twists or moves to the side. The human back has been used as the design basis for the TENSA.TS backrest. The open, flexible ribs allow it to adapt to the body's contours, to ensure pleasant and healthy sitting. The optional headrest is height-adjustable, so that the shoulders and neck are always relaxed at work.