video corpo

recessed ceiling spotlight / indoor / LED / halogen



  • Type:

    recessed ceiling

  • Location:


  • Light source:

    LED, halogen

  • Shape:


  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    orientable, low-voltage, wall washer


kreon aplis directional is a fully recessed spotlight with a built-in snoot that serves two purposes. Firstly it absorbs stray flux, so aiding a control, and secondly it provides an integrated mounting ring for the fixation of additional optical lenses for increased optimisation. kreon aplis directional has a rotational adjustment of 360º and an angular adjustment of 30º, which, when combined with the choice of spot, flood and wide flood TIR reflector, provides a truly versatile accent lighting tool.

kreon aplis downlight is the perfect solution for general lighting and features a flood beam mirror reflector set above the black or white internal louvre, optimised to create pools of light on horizontal surfaces or dramatic scalloping effects on verticals.