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    for partition walls


Tabiceram is an integrated partition wall system assembled and finished on-site. It is one of the best options for interior partition walls. The speed with which it is installed and the quality of the ceramic parts makes Tabiceram one of the most profitable systems on the market.
One of the most significant advantages of Tabiceram partition walls lies in the speed with which they can be built - between 40 and 50 m2 per person per day. Furthermore, Tabiceram offers a improved flatness levels than other similar systems, enabling the easy installation of electric and plumbing elements. Tabiceram also displays excellent features in relation to its resistance to impacts and eccentric loads.
There is a varied range of formats conceived to solve all the inconveniences of classic systems and to provide solutions for the most demanding customers.
The wall system based on large format Tabiceram® products has been tested at the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Building Science (report num. 17.264) in accordance with UEAtc guidelines governing light partition walls (report 313), plaster partition walls (report 247).