precast concrete pipe / for drainage systems / perforated



  • Material:

    precast concrete

  • Other characteristics:

    for drainage systems, perforated

  • Diameter:

    Min.: 300 mm

    Max.: 3,000 mm


Precast concrete pipe is an engineered product that can be designed to suit any installation conditions, including deep fills, shallow fills, and heavy equipment loading.

Lafarge pipe designs are based on extensive research and development. All production at Lafarge pipe plants is subject to testing as part of a third party Plant Prequalification program, which ensures every product has the following qualities:

Inherent strength - minimally dependent on backfill
Structural integrity - little to no deflection over the life of the product
Inertness - the products are non-flammable and will not react with substances in the ground
Dependable service life - products often have a design life of over 100 years

Historically, concrete is the most durable and sustainable material for infrastructure and major construction. This is achieved through:

Using locally available materials
Incorporating recycled materials(i.e. steel, fly ash)
Reducing replacement costs by providing longer service lives
Creating an environmental focus is all aspects of the design process