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fiber-reinforced concrete solar shading / for facade / horizontal



  • Material:

    fiber-reinforced concrete

  • Applications:

    for facade

  • Other characteristics:



The Ministry of the Interior entrusted the project for the new Nantes Police Headquarters on the site of the old building which had become too cramped, to Atelier 234 Architectes. The main building is 140 m long, 7 stories high and divided into 4 sections. Exterior consistency and homogeneity are ensured by brise soleil made of Ductal®. Concrete was preferred over steel for both technical and aesthetic reasons: Ductal® enabled the construction of a lightweight, elegant, extremely fine structure. But beyond the aesthetic aspects, the brise soleil also fulfilled two major requirements: prevent direct lines of sight into the building from the Square Waldeck Rousseau and limit the thermal effects of sunlight penetrating the building, as its façade is oriented due South.

The Ductal® sun shade elements are installed 80 cm from the facade. They are 7.20 meters long, 40 cm deep and only 5 cm thick. They are installed on vertical supports. Two stainless steel double cables are anchored to the top of the building and pass through each blade element. The Ductal® sun shades guarantee excellent resistance to inclement weather and to possible malicious attacks against the building.