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reinforced concrete prefabricated pillar



  • Material:

    reinforced concrete


The Shawnessy LRT Station has the world's first thin-shelled precast canopy roof system constructed with Ductal®; a unique project that showcases the material's combination of superior properties. This project involved a strong collaboration between the owner (the City of Calgary), the precaster and material supplier (Lafarge), the University of Calgary -- that combined inventive design, emerging technology, rigid testing and manufacturing savvy.

The 24 ultra-thin canopies (5.1m x 6m and just 2cm thick) are supported on single, structural columns - also made with Ductal®; providing protection from the elements and lighting to the platform below.

The 24 structural columns for this project were reinforced with conventional black steel rebars. The columns were bolted to the cast-in-place concrete grade beams and acting as cantilevers supported the roof canopies. Each column was rectangular in cross section and varied in size through out the height of the column.