recycled plastic retaining wall / prefab / for garden enclosures



  • Material:

    recycled plastic

  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for garden enclosures


KLP® RapidRetain System presents a sustainable and cost efficient solution for your retaining wall! KLP® plastic is an excellent choice, especially at the water and air interface, where wood is most sensitive to rot. KLP® RapidRetain System consists of KLP® RapidRetain panels and KLP® RapidRetain combi-poles. The innovative design of this high strength retaining wall system provides savings on both labour costs by faster turnaround times in installation and lower purchasing costs by efficient use of materials. With the sophisticated design Lankhorst unites aspects that can already be found independent of each other in existing retaining solutions, but never before combined in one product!

The plastic retaining wall panels are tough enough and stiff enough to be pushed into soil by crane. The KLP® RapidRetain panel coupling is made strong, so that no pole is needed directly in front of each connection. The result is that all poles can be placed in one go and subsequently the retaining wall panels can be placed in one go, which translates to faster turnaround times and therefore savings. The KLP® RapidRetain panel has a length of 2.1 metre and is light in weight (<25 kg). This makes it easy to handle and efficient to place. Poles can be placed as far apart as 1 metre centre to centre.