contemporary entryway cabinet / wall-mounted / MDF / with storage compartment



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    with storage compartment


Based on Mogens Lassen’s Frame collection, by Lassen is launching an array of functional products that meet the many challenges of the hallway and unite strong materials and a simple aesthetic. The result is a more flexible Frame system that aims to solve more functional needs and place Frame within entirely new contexts.
The hallway is the entrance of the home, a passageway with multiple functions gathered in one place. It is the room that sets the stage for the rest of the home, where guests are
invited inside and where outerwear, shoes and bags are stored. The hallway is often a small area and it can pose challenges when decorating and creating a room that is
both functional and inviting.
As a further development of the Frame module, by Lassen introduces Frame Shoe Cabinet, which with its same simple design aesthetic is a natural extension of the Frame system, but with new dimensions that provide better storage space
for shoes. An ideal and stylish storage solution for the small hallway that does not occupy floor space and which can store up to three pairs of adult shoes.
In addition to a new and smaller View Mirror, the new Remind Message Board features an elegant finish with its surface in black-stained ash and its floating metal frame.
Round metal magnets in black, nickel or brass ensure that memos and notes are kept securely in place on the notice board.