contemporary chandelier / blown glass / LED



  • Style:


  • Material:

    blown glass

  • Light source:



For the main lobby area of the hotel, Lasvit´s designer Ludek Hroch in collaboration with the Peninsula Hotels’ in-house team, Henry Leung of Hong Kong-based Chhada Siembieda has created an artistic glass sculpture called "Dancing Leaves". It evokes a gust of wind, gradually spiraling upwards, created by entering the hotel lobby. The breathtaking sight of magically flying leaves from Parisian sycamore trees, typical for Paris and the Elysées district, induces a feeling of dancing – dancing leaves which may in turn just make us want to dance. They eventually fall into the pond in the main lobby and their weightlessness in the air gives us a mingled feeling of harmony and balance. The “Dancing Leaves” glass art installation is made of 800 hand-blown glass abstract sycamore leaves: some clear and some with silver leaves on the inside.