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Historically, a wall has always been a symbol of
protection, and Its primary function was to
The Lasvit Crystal Wall is the fi rst wall that
unites. It combines the beauty of a perfect glass
object, practical variability of an exclusive
construction element and original, unique
solution. There are projects that can embody
concepts of their kind, and then those that have
the power to change history and show a new,
revolutionary path. This Is the case of Crystal
Wall made by Lasvit.
Lasvit Crystal Wall is an original building set of
crystal components with pre-defl ned variety of
patterns of highly aesthetic impact. It
represents a new and unique variable
installation on the border of applied and original
art. Lasvit Crystal Wall off ers new possibilities
of luxurious and representative interior design,
inspired by the tradition of glass application in
Czechoslovak representative architecture of the
1960's and 1970's.
Crystal Wall was designed for Lasvit by the
Czech design studio Koncern (Jiff Pfibyl and
Martin Imrlch).