metal fastening system / green roof / fall-protection anchor



  • Material:


  • Applications:

    green roof

  • Other characteristics:

    fall-protection anchor


There are three innovative retention systems for retaining HYDROPACK® trays on steep roofs: ACROPACK® T, ACROPACK® Ω and ACROPACK® L. The Vegetal i.D. engineering team selects the retention components according to the project's characteristics. Developed by Vegetal i.D. (and patented), ACROPACK® anti-slip solutions stop the HYDROPACK® trays from slipping on steep roofs and interlink perfectly under the HYDROPACK® trays; this means that the water can flow from tray to tray. The ACROPACK® Ω and ACROPACK® L retention systems are completely invisible (the surface of the struts in the ACROPACK® T solution do not permeate the membrane). The number of anti-slip devices in the HYDROPACK® solution is lower than that required for a multilayer system: the way the trays are partitioned off means that retention devices can be eliminated, the number of holes in the waterproofing membrane is reduced and in this way the plant system can be laid more easily on the sloping roof.