built-in lighting profile / LED / modular lighting system / home



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    modular lighting system

  • Market:

    home, commercial


The Recessed Slim Line 15 LED profile is designed to be built into any kind of surface. RSL15 functions both as a heat sink and as an aesthetic design element. Thanks to the quality and contemporary design, this product may be applied in many places: store shelf, kitchen cabinets, floor, gypsum ceiling and others.

The profile provides a soft smooth light on the whole surface. The profile can accommodate standard LED strips with a width of maximum 12mm. We prepared for this anodised aluminium profile perfectly matched aluminium end-caps and three types of diffusers: frosted (Leds dots free), 50% frosted or transparent snap-in diffuser (applicable from the top). The diffuser is made from UV and damage resistant material (walk over safe). The wings of the profile which are extending on both sides are covering completely the mill row.