power socket / wall-mounted / metal / contemporary



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IL 10 for all indoor and outdoor requirements.
1. Reserved access area: badge reader
2. Gymnasium: illuminated pushbutton
3. Warehouse: 2P+E socket + RJ 45 socket
4. Shopfront: keyswitch
5. Public garden: 2P+T socket with locked cover
6. Teaching: Mosaic adaptor with cover (here Mosaic HD 15 socket)
7. Public toilet: automatic switch
8. Office: push-button switch with label-holder
9. Shopping centre: 2P+E socket with cover

The ruggedness of Soliroc, for use in the most severe requirements.
Features to meet the most demanding requirements have been incorporated right from the design stage.
These features have then been validated by the most stringent tests, resulting in a triple strength product.
All Soliroc Programme products have successfully passed the tests and provide a guarantee of maximum safety.
IK 10: maximum impact resistance All the products can resist impacts of 20 joules.
IK 10: maximum extraction resistance Rounded shape of the plate to prevent gripping.
IP 55: dust and damp protected On the main functions for outdoor installations.