wooden raised access floor / particle board / high-pressure laminate / linoleum



  • Material:

    wooden, particle board, high-pressure laminate, linoleum, PVC, rubber

  • Technical characteristics:

    high-resistance, fire-rated, anti-static

  • Location:



Discover our great selection of floor panels. All the floor panels of the same type are interchangeable. Thanks to bevelled machined edges it is easy to lift and insert them.

The elastic and impact resistant edge made of hard synthetic material provides good protection against mechanical damage. The coating of the lower side with aluminium foil protects the panel against moisture absorption. For more demanding static requirements we cover the lower side or the upper side with a galvanized steel plate. For electro-conductive coatings the conduction of electrical current is ensured in accordance with the requirements of standard EN 1081.

Special panels made of steel, aluminium and wood cement as well as special formats on request.

Access floor panels made of high density chipboard with covering applied at the factory

With hard covering
Hard covering materials include synthetics, linoleum, rubber and laminate.