metal raised access floor structure / high-resistance / indoor



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You will find the right substructure for any room with us. We have substructures for low hollow floors with a minimum of building technical installations as well those for highly conductive systems which are ideal for rooms or data centres with very many installations.

Optimal solutions for a variety of installation heights
Horizontal stability with high load capacity as needed
Raised access flooring can also be retrofitted in rooms with low ceiling heights

The substructure Type 4 with individual pedestals is suitable for rooms with few building service installations and installation heights of 100 to 200 mm. With the lowest pedestals from our range combined with our thin panels, it is also possible to install the floors subsequently in existing buildings with low room heights and an installation height of only 60 to 100 mm (clearance height of the hollow space approx. 40 to 80 mm).

We install the pedestals in the standard grid of the 600 x 600 mm panels. Depending on the construction of the access floor panels, the distributed load varies between 10 and 30 kN/m2.