granite stone slab / polished / for floors / for facade



  • Rock type:


  • Finish:


  • Applications:

    for floors, for facade, cladding, for kitchens


This natural granite leaves its mark on interior design and contemporary homes by bathing them in a halo of melancholy and updated classicism.

Crema Julia is a noble and elegant stone. Its beautiful fractured composition of black and white crystals in different sizes reminds us of the frosted ground at dawn, able to create subtle atmospheres in any domestic space. Drawing rooms, dining rooms and large entrance halls are more eye-catching with its presence, which adds a patina of romanticism. A material with high technical specifications, ideal for designing bathroom and kitchen countertops featuring modern and emphatic lines. Its colour palette gains in plasticity and successfully integrates into rooms with neutral hues, emitting crystalline glints, an aged air or a more natural effect depending on the chosen finish.