polycrystalline hybrid solar panel / for heating / glass-glass



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    for heating

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Power the Future with LG

The future energy requirements for a single-family home will certainly exceed 10,000 kWh. LG NeON® R is the ideal solution for homeowners that want to maximise their investment with limited space available on the roof.

Average Consumption Values

Estimated electricity per year: 8,000 kWh (7.4 kWp * 1.1 (kWh/kWp))
Capacity of solar power system with 20 modules (60 cells per module)
Annual power consumption for a 4-person family : 5,000 kWh
Heat pump : 3,000 kWh*
Electric car : 2,400 kWh**
Air conditioning : 800 kWh***

Ideal for residential use, the LG Neon R solar panels are able to sustain a high output even if it has a small footprint. It was also designed with looks in mind. It has sleek and visually pleasing solar panels perfect for mounting on the roof. Its small footprint also gives it an advantage in being able to install it in even tight spaces on your roof at the same time still delivering the power you need. The Neon R comes with a longer than average warranty period of 25 years - we are that confident in the design and build of our product undergoing extensive testing in and out of the field.