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The key benefits for architects and developers of timber frame structures are:

- A Building frame engineered to a high level of quality and accuracy
- The Construction is not weather dependant it can be carried out any time of the year
- A guaranteed construction programme so that roofing and internal trades can begin sooner
- A higher thermal value per given wall width when compared to other forms of construction
- Sound insulation performance that can exceed Building Regulation requirements in a cost effective way
- Reduced foundation costs due to a lighter structure
- An environmentally friendly building process
- Value for money: reduced build cost costs as a result of speed, quality and ease of erection.

Effectively insulated so that this lowers energy costs in winter, and helps keep buildings cooler in the summer
With a strong focus on Fabric First and getting the building right by incorporating good design and detailing, we can assist in building homes without high embedded carbon.

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