preserved living frame / indoor / modular-panel
ONIX by Studio Linfadecor



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These specimens are solely and strictly composed of Forest Brown Marble and Onyx.

According to the most ancient traditions, they have respectuously been extracted from the mountains in India and Pakistan.

The successful combination of the beauty of Nature together with the highly exclusive and accurate workmanship and processing techniques, have enabled the creation of these masterpieces.

Sizes: Rectangular: 80×50.60×40cms, Oval: 85×45 cms, Round: 70cms diameter.


The Brown Forest Marble is an Ophiolitic outcrop. It’s main characteristic is the extremely dense network of brown-coloured , irregular veins. It’s multilple colour shadings are a result of the “absolutely perfect” mix of mineral substances which it contains.In time, these components have enabled to taint the marble in a wide range of different colours and this is what characterizes the grain of this particular type of marble. It has for ages been used in the building and decorative purposes of houses and castles throughout the different ages and artistic movements.The peculiar and rare colour shades have made it quite unique.Not only is it very difficult to find anything similar in Nature, but it is almost just as impossible to find any two slabs of the same size. The brushing treatment of the Brown Forest Marble is in fact what makes it so special: it looks “really natural” and it feels authentic and real.

ONYX: is a type of Onyx is a type of Chalcedony, that is to say a quartz made up of micro-crystal masses. It’s colour is dull or semi- opaque, it’s shape uniform, and it’s colour shades go from all the red – browns, to all the types of greys and even up to black.


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