polyurethane (PUR) core two-component insulation board / 1 face in wood / for roofs



  • Core material:

    polyurethane (PUR) core

  • Cover sheet material:

    1 face in wood

  • Applications:

    for roofs


Attachments for metal roofing can be located anywhere on the derived wood panel bonded to the over-rafter insulating system
Reliable insulation ...

Insulation under metal roof
Protection from electrosmog

... in perfect professional quality ...

With integral vapour barrier
Derived wood panel bonded on in the factory
Time-saving and economical installation with full-surface supporting structure for the panelling
The roofing can be mechanically attached in any location
In combination with LINITHERM IngBau screws, static loads can be transferred reliably
High compressive strength
Full-surface, seamless insulation
Intended for existing and newly boarded roofs

... for PUR(E) energy saving

Protection from heat in summer
Thermal protection in winter
Insulating core made of PUR/PIR rigid foam
Consistently high insulation values (TCL 023)
Maximum insulation with minimum panel thickness
Positive building biology: PUR/PIR rigid foam is free of CFC, HCFC, formaldehyde, and fibres
Positive life-cycle assessment