polyurethane (PUR) core two-component insulation board / plaster coated



  • Core material:

    polyurethane (PUR) core

  • Cover sheet material:

    plaster coated


Insulation system for comfortably warm floors at home and in the office

Reliable insulation ...

With plasterboard panel bonded to upper side
Dimensional stability, extremely hard surface, suitable for high mechanical loads
No damage from chair castors
Basis for all conventional floor coverings such as parquet, PVC, carpets, tiles
Minimum structural height due to high insulation value
Prevents cold from penetrating into heated rooms through ceilings or floors

... in perfect professional quality ...

Easy handling and processing thanks to convenient sizes, low weight, and special edge joints
Can be walked on immediately no waiting, no drying times

... for PUR(E) energy saving

Insulating core made of PUR/PIR rigid foam
Consistently high insulation values (TCL 023)
Optimum insulation with minimum panel thickness
Positive building biology: PUR/PIR rigid foam is free of CFC, HCFC, formaldehyde, and fibres
Positive life-cycle assessment

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