thermal insulation / polyurethane foam / interior / rigid panel



  • Type:


  • Composition:

    polyurethane foam

  • Use:


  • Format:

    rigid panel

  • Options:

    with vapor barrier


Polyurethane rigid foam for a slim construction with maximum insulation values

Wherever heat or cold can penetrate a building from outside, PUR/PIR insulation ensures higher comfort and lower energy costs. Thanks to the low thermal conductance of PUR/PIR, the panel construction remains slim, with more useful space as a result. Smaller heating and cooling systems can be installed, as less heat is required in winter, and the need for cooling in summer is greatly reduced.
PUR/PIR is pressure and temperature resistant, insensitive to moisture, dimensionally accurate & stable, non-ageing, and does not rot. The insulating panels are light, and can be cut and processed with standard woodworking tools and machines. PUR/PIR has a positive building biology.

Further benefits and application areas of the PUR/PIR manufactured by us, are given under the menu item at top Advantages of PUR/PIR.

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