upholstery fabric / floral pattern / cotton / linen
EKEBYHOLM by Authentic Historical



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  • Motif:

    floral pattern

  • Material:

    cotton, linen

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This cotton fabric comes from a four-poster bed at Ekebyholms Manor in the community of Rimbo in Uppland. Only the curtains and pelmets were left. We know that this design was internationally spread already during the latter part of the 18th century. You can actually see the same fabric at the Metropolitan Museum in New York on a bed cover. Thanks to intact text marks we can trace both these fabrics to an English printery run by Joseph Talwin and Joseph Foster between 1785-90 at Bromley Hall. Talwin & Foster used copper plates instead of wooden clichés and could therefore print such fine lines as in this design. The original is printed on cotton, a fabric that was much more exclusive than the linen we could produce in our country. This reconstructed fabric was first used in an exhibition in 1992 at Hörle Manor in a bedroom interior.

Product information
Quality: 50% cotton, 50% linen
Weight: 170 gr/m
Width: 150 cm
Repeat: 96 cm
Shrinks app: ca 3-5% after wash, do not spin-dry!