garden bench / original design / fiber-reinforced concrete



  • Type:


  • Style:

    original design

  • Material:

    fiber-reinforced concrete

  • Length:

    58 cm, 68 cm, 130 cm (22.8 in)


white fibre cement
seat H 43cm
indicative weight 85kg

All handworks LOVECEMENT are produced in Italy with the following characteristics:

- Made of lightweight fiber-reinforced concrete treated with a protective transparent or painted with acrylic enamel.
The surface treatment is a protective film to prevent the cement to release particles and at the same time for LOVECEMENT make weather-resistant, while retaining the features of the concrete.

- Each LOVECEMENT piece is hand-finished and has unique nuances of colour. Therefore, slight variations of colour between pieces and slight chiaroscuro do not represent defects. On the contrary, they are evidence of the performance
of the material.