contemporary garden chair / cement / fiber-reinforced concrete



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  • Material:

    cement, fiber-reinforced concrete


COMMA is a collection of cement seats. Clean, reduced shapes play with the space and come into the limelight.

LOVECEMENT pieces are made of fibre cement, which makes for a resistant, yet light, surface.
The resistance of cement combined with the lightness of the objects enables to place them outdoor - on the edge of a swimming pool, in a garden, in damp places and to move them at will later on.

A protective film is applied on the outside of the collection to prevent cement releasing particles as well as to make LOVECEMENT resistant to the elements, without altering the features of cement.
LOVECEMENT retains such features as formal imperfections, not perfectly squared angles or small holes not affecting functionality. It reacts naturally to the elements, changing its colour according to humidity.

Each LOVECEMENT piece is hand-finished and has unique nuances of colour. Therefore, slight variations of colour between pieces and slight chiaroscuro do not represent defects. On the contrary, they are evidence of the performance of the material.

LOVECEMENT, like any other type of cement, can be painted or personalised at will. It behaves just like a concrete wall, it is therefore advisable to use suitable products.

The underlying part is finished with an appropriate anti-slip support which enables to place it on smooth or slightly uneven surfaces.