tensile structure tension rod
MACALLOY 460, S460, 520, S520



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    for tensile structures


The tension bar system, which may globally be referred to as tie rods, tie bars or tension rods, is the core component of the Macalloy tension structures range.
The thread is rolled, rather than cut, resulting in increased strength allowing for smaller diameter bars, subsequently saving in material cost.
Two standard strength systems are available within this range; the Macalloy 460 with a yield strength of 460 N/mm2 and Macalloy 520 with a yield strength of 520 N/mm2.
Macalloy tension bars are available in a choice of finishes including carbon, galvanized and the stainless steel range known as S460 and S520. The numbers in the title denote the yield strength of the Stainless Bars.
Macalloy S460 delivers optimum levels of strength, ductility and appearance, while being a low maintenance application, making it ideal for use in a chlorine environment.
Bars are available with outer thread diameters from 10mm to 100mm, although other sizes can be offered on request.
Bars are available in lengths up to 12 metres with longer lengths achievable by connecting bars with couplers or turnbuckles.

•Adjustment in fork ends and by adding a turnbuckle.
•Cold rolled for optimum strength.
•Rolled thread allowing for material and cost reduction.
•Aesthetically pleasing.
•Custom engineering solutions available.
•Stainless steel suitable for both marine and chlorine environment
•Wide choice of thread diameter.