laminated glass panel / tempered / safety / patterned



  • Type:

    laminated, tempered, safety

  • Appearance:


  • Applications:

    for facade, roof, for doors

  • Other characteristics:

    colored, flat, transparent, translucent


Vanceva color Plastofloat is a safety laminated glass with one or more Vanceva Color PVB interlayers from Solutia Saflex range.

All the advantages of laminated glass & a wide range of coloured glass solutions, with Vanceva Color interlayers a very large
dynamic color palette is at your disposal.

In addition to 8 basic colours, Vanceva system offers 3 deep colours; deep red, true blu , tangerine a white collection with Cool white, Polar white and Arctic snow and 2 special colours, absolute black & ocean grey.

Combining these colours in up to 4 layers you obtain a broad spectrum of colours and moods; transparent or opaque options to help create the perfect tone and intensity: a custom coloured laminated glass.