heat-recovery ventilation unit / centralized / residential / for homes
WS 150 R / WS 150 L



  • Type:

    centralized, heat-recovery

  • Sector:


  • Applications:

    for homes, for apartments

  • Air flow:

    Min.: 70 m³/h (2,472 ft³/h)

    Max.: 165 m³/h (5,826.9 ft³/h)


Article number: 0095.0057
Manufacturer: MAICO
Application examples: Apartment, Low-energy house, Single-family house, Passive energy house

WS 150 R - short description

Centralised ventilation unit with very effective heat recovery through cross-counterflow exchanger, EC motors with constant volumetric flow regulation, supply and exhaust air on the right, 4 x DN 125, DIBT approval, 70 - 165 m³/h, KNX connection possible

WS 150 R - Product description


Automatic constant volumetric flow regulation for equal air quantities.
Special energy savings due to the DC motor.
Powder-coated plate housing in sandwich construction, with integrated heat insulation.
Colour: light grey.
Integrated filter system with coarse filter (G4) in the outside air and in the exhaust air. Filter change is possible without tools.
2 DN 125 duct connections each with rubber lip seals on side walls of unit. For directly connecting up tubular sound absorbers.
Controlled through control unit RLS 2 F in the living room.
Control unit for switching ventilation levels, timer and filter monitoring.
Control unit not included in scope of delivery.
DIBT approval.
Connection to KNX systems possible.

Heat exchanger

Counterflow heat exchanger made of aluminium.
The heat exchanger can be easily removed and cleaned with water.

Frost protection

Frost protection by switching off the supply air fans.
The frost protection feature switches the supply air fan off when the heat exchanger starts to freeze up.
Recommendation: Combine heat recovery units with a brine earth heat exchanger.