bioethanol fireplace / contemporary / open hearth / wall-mounted
PASO DOBLE by Mirko Varischi, Tania Alessio& Andrea Brembill



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  • Hearth:

    open hearth

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This important wall-mounted Bio-fireplace innovates without breaking with the past, blending modern minimalist atelier maisonFire soul with historical values of Cotto D'Este, the purest expression of "Made in Italy", which manufactures the Kerlite panel literally "melt" in the metal. The Paso Doble is a dance that was born in the social and cultural world of Spanish arenas, taking up with his pace and rhythm involving the challenge of the bull with a matador, initially called "pas a dos", or "pas de deux", just as a century after two leading companies dance together, combining the eternal durability suggested by Kerlite with the lightness of the sinuous flame maisonFire. Complete with graduated charger, lighter.

Reservoir capacity: 2 litres
Burning time for full reservoir: 6 hours
Dimensions: widht 103 cm, height 67 cm, depth 22 cm
Weight: 31 Kg
Colours available: white-caramel, white-perl