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concrete primer / for mortar / solvent-based



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    for concrete, for mortar

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Solvent-based fixing primer with high penetration properties for porous substrates and curing agent for repair mortars.
Elastocolor Primer is used to impregnate concrete surfaces repaired with products from the Mapegrout line before smoothing or painting with Elastocolor Rasante or with Elastocolor. The product penetrates into porous substrates and ensures excellent insulation and good adherence to the paint that will be applied. Elastocolor Primer is also used as a curing agent for repair renders and mortars and can be directly painted over with Elastocolor. The product does not need to be removed before painting the repaired surfaces because it does not diminish the bonding strength of the protective material to the substrate. Elastocolor Primer is ready to use. If the product is used as a fixing primer before painting on a slightly porous substrate, dilute Elastocolor Primer with 20-30% turpentine. If it is used as a curing agent, apply Elastocolor Primer pure directly on the fresh surfaces after the float finishing. The product can be applied with a brush, roller or manual or compressed air pump.
100-150 g/m2 used as a fixing primer.
110-150 g/m2 used as a curing agent.
10 kg drums.