tilt-and-turn window / wooden / aluminum / double-glazed



  • Opening system:


  • Material:

    wooden, aluminum

  • Glazing:


  • Technical characteristics:

    acoustic, thermal break


Mapier Group makes windows with thermal-break framings, that are extruded profiles in which the thermal conductivity of aluminum is interrupted by special polyamide bars ( heat-insulating material ).

These extruded profiles in the framing will form fixed frame and door opening, sliding or hinged, and they will have the right combination of depth and type of glass which is necessary to achieve the desired thermal and acoustic performances.

Strenghts of thermal-break aluminium windows

It’s a recyclable metal alloy.
It’s a lightweight and impact resistant material.
It has self-supporting structural properties.
It allows the realization of large glazings with reduced thickness.
High thermal and acoustic insulation
It doesn’t decay over time
Easy cleaning
High atmospheric agents resistance
Waterproof and airproof
Certification according to European standards