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scoreboard scoreboard - TA6225


This corresponds to TA6025+TA6130E integrated
Max digit size: 25 cm.
- Viewing distance: 120 m.
- Viewing angle: 160°.
- Dimensions: 327 x 130 x 8 cm.
- Weight: 80 kg.
- High brightness SMD LEDs. Luminosity adjustment from the main keyboard.
- Wireless communication in 868 MHz
- Multisport display.
- Shockproof casing in aluminium.
- Indoor use or under shelter.
- Integrated horn.
- Power supply of the scoreboard on mains 230V.
- Require the use of the main and secondary keyboard TA6000 and TA6010.
Timer, score, team fouls, period number, time-out countdown and time.
- Game stop and time-out indicators.
- Fouls for each player (basket).

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