wooden deck slab / glue-laminated wood / roof / for ceilings



  • Material:

    wooden, glue-laminated wood

  • Applications:

    for ceilings, roof

  • Other characteristics:


  • Span:

    Max.: 18 m (59'00")

    Min.: 4 m (13'01")

  • Width:

    120 cm (47 in)


The ceiling for a better living environment
MM profideck elements are laminated, profiled glulam panels that fulfil both the economic and ecological aspects of the high requirements in residential and commercial buildings.

MM profideck elements are produced in thicknesses from 8 to 26 cm, in a standard width of 62.5 cm and in lengths up to 18 m at all factories of the Group. Depending on the structural requirements and the technical capabilities of our factories, the elements are available with double or multi-groove and tongue, single-grooved or square-edged profiles. Every ceiling that leaves our factory is loaded in the correct assembly sequence and delivered directly to the construction site.

Areas of application

Residential houses and apartment buildings
Hotel and restaurant building
Commercial buildings, warehouses
Schools, nurseries, sports halls
Agricultural buildings, barns, stables
Office buildings


Exact fit and inherently stable
Simple and quick to assemble
Dry construction, ready to use
Lower dead load than concrete ceilings
Lower ceiling height than I-joist or beam ceilings
Suitable for shear diaphragm construction
Joint-free and snug, no nails or dowels
Easy to machine with carpentry tools
Excellent thermal insulation values
CO2 reservoir, environmentally friendly
Pleasant ambient living environment

The fastest ceiling in the world
An immediately load-bearing ceiling permitting any type of flooring or roof construction and simultaneously providing a visible quality ceiling ready for use can be assembled in record time using the MM profideck.