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wood-burning fireplace / contemporary / closed hearth / wall-mounted



  • Energy source:


  • Style:


  • Hearth:

    closed hearth

  • Installation:


  • Material:


  • Heat output:

    12,500 W (42,651.75 BTU/h)


Front wood-burning fireplace with innovative features. It offers high-performance, ease to use and airtight combustion chamber.

Airtight combustion chamber

The airtight combustion chamber and the combustion air inlet (150mm) that can be fully ducted make the fireplace ideal also for energy-efficient homes.

“Environmentally friendly” design

The new combustion is high-performing and efficient in accordance with the strictest regulations in terms of emissions (Ecodesign 2022).

Making the most of heat

Plasma fireplaces are designed to guarantee maximum exploitation of the heat, whether natural convection is used, or forced ventilation is the preferred choice.

All Plasma fireplaces can be teamed with the patented COMFORT AIR® system, that makes it possible to convey the hot air to several rooms – even unconnected – at a distance of up to 8 metres.

Cladding or passe-partout frame

All Plasma fireplaces may be complemented by a 3 mm thick passe-partout compensation frame (optional) for installations without cladding.