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pellet boiler stove / contemporary / ceramic



  • Power source:


  • Style:


  • Material:


  • Heat output:

    Min.: 7.7 kW

    28.5 kW

    Max.: 24.51 kW


Ultra-powerful pellet hydro-stove, designed to heat large homes, up to 325 square metres. With its 31 kW of power, it heats up to 15 radiators in a few minutes and generates the hot water required for the domestic hot water system. Made of ceramic. Intelligent combustion management with Active+.

The combustion chamber is perfectly insulated with very thick panels to assure the greatest possible exchange with the system water.

Ignition speed

Thanks to a new ceramic spark plug, the flame appears in less than three minutes, with a 40% reduction in ignition times and a significant cut in electrical consumption.

Cleaning autonomy

Jazz is designed to make the end user’s life even easier. In fact, it is fitted with an advanced automatic cleaning system that allows you to remove the ash only once every 7-10 days.

The ash pan is large in order to collect all the unburned material from the brazier. The brazier is a self-cleaning brazier with mechanical scraping system that activates automatically at every switch-off and whenever the sensor detects ash build-up.

This stove can be managed with a control panel, assembled on top, with easy and intuitive functions, suited to those preferring a truly simple solution.

This stove is in the A++ energy efficiency class.

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