commercial soap dispenser / wall-mounted / ABS / stainless steel



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    ABS, stainless steel

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Mediclinics offers a variety of different soap dispensers for washrooms; models in which in addition to the functionality, the design is a key factor. Several ergonomic shapes and finishes are available in order for an easy integration in the washroom.

According to their characteristics, Mediclinics soap dispensers are classified into the following categories:

Manual surface type

Manually operated dispensers designed to be installed directly on the wall. Within this wide range of products we find AISI 304 and ABS stainless steel models. All are available in several different finishes, normally in white, bright and satin. The stainless steel models are designed to obtain better security and resistance with anti-vandalism features. ABS models are focused on an attractive design at a good price, and do not need to include anti-vandalism features. All these dispensers accept hygienic hand soap with a balanced pH and chlorine free; however, other models accept liquids such as disinfectant solutions, liquid soaps or hydro-alcohol gel.

Automatic surface type

Models that are also directly installed on a wall but are automatically operated via infrared sensors. All of them require batteries and include a LED to indicate when the batteries need to be replaced. With anti-vandalism features, they take hygienic hand soaps as well as disinfectant solutions, liquid soaps or hydro-alcohol gels; tank capacities range between 0.8 litres and 1.2 litres.