ladder towel rack / floor-standing / steel
by Norm Architects



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Light, uniform lines and rounded bases create a bathroom series characterized by understated elegance. This is all that is needed to create a pleasingly clean focal point in your bathroom. With functional details all around, the new Bath series from Menu is both hygienic and user-friendly.

The Towel Ladder is an informal and flexible piece of furniture made for storing towels and accessories in the bathroom - clothes in the bedroom - or scarves and coats in the hallway. It’s easy to move around the house and the leather strap at the top almost makes it look like an oversize suitcase, that you can lift and take anywhere.

Designed by Norm Architects

Black/Dark Ash, 7800579 White/Light Ash, 7800679

H 170 cm W 60 cm D 3,5 cm

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