decorative paint / for walls / for concrete / interior



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    for walls

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    for concrete

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Decorative water-based paint with a mineral aspect made for inside.

Perfect for large areas, MATECO® exists in 21 different colors of light and neutral tones. Colors can be created on request with a minimum volume condition.

Technical properties :

• Full of mineral loads (Calcium carbonate and titanium oxide).
• Good filling and covering capacity. Make your surface opaque and breathable.
• Avoid blisters and detachment of coatings due to humidity.
• May be applied on old and new surfaces.

Aesthetic and Decorative finish :
MATECO® offers a very matte finish, deep and mineral, close to a limewash.

The process :

MATECO® paint can be applied with roller or with a brush (similar to a limewash finish) in 2 layers.
The paint must be diluted with 20% to 30% water, depending on desired finish, applying tool used or even surface porosity.

MATECO® paint feels dry in 1 to 2 hours. The second layer can be applied after about 3 hours and completely dry after about 24 hours.
MATECO® exists in buckets of 1L to 15L.
1L of MATECO® paint can cover 5 m2 in 2 layers so 200 ml/m2 (Depending on surface and tool used).

High efficiency :
through its good filling and covering capacity,MATECO® allows construction of larger areas at a lower cost.