photovoltaïc installation monitoring system



  • Applications:

    for photovoltaïc installations


Service description

Yield data and your own contribution to environmental protection are shown via the safer’Sun Public web portal. The Home Line data loggers record system data and transmit it to the meteocontrol servers, by which the yield of your system can be compared with other PV systems in the region in our central database.

We provide additional functions for partners, such as corporate identity customization or an individual marketing package.


Modern, appealing presentation of yield and environment information
Analysis of the specific yield for a quick reviewƒƒ
Public access, no login requiredƒƒ
Integration in social networks is possible
Your benefits

Identification of system failures for safeguarding yields
Estimation of own system yields through comparison with other systems
Visualization of yield for appreciation of your individual contribution to the environment
For installers:

Sales support with a web portal that can be used free of charge by your customers
Customer loyalty by adapting the layout to your corporate identity
Winning new customers by displaying reference projects
Reduced time overhead for customer support since your customers can view relevant system data online