photovoltaïc installation monitoring system



  • Applications:

    for photovoltaïc installations



The system data recorded by the data logger is transmitted to the meteocontrol servers and compared on safer’Sun Professional with the simulated values for the expected energy production. These values are calculated from the configuration of the system in question and the current weather conditions. Significant inconsistencies automatically trigger an alarm via email or text message. safer’Sun Professional allows analyses in full detail depth and simple configuration of all alarm criteria for safely operating a PV system.


ƒƒDetailed monitoring and evaluationƒƒ
Compatible with products from all leading inverter manufacturersƒƒ
Comprehensive alarm managementƒƒ
Individual configuration of alarm criteriaƒƒ
Plausibility checks to reduce false alarmsƒƒ
Automated reports via emailƒƒ
Solar park managementƒƒ
Unique system evaluation based on target/actual value comparisonƒƒ
Visualization via Solarfox and/or APIƒƒ
Mobile monitoring with iPhone and Android App
Your benefits

Cost and resource efficiency with an optimized webportal for operation management of PV systems
Protection of return owing to fast and precise fault identification
Yield assurance through comparison of target/actual yields for quick identification of insidious errors