solar power plant




Integrating photovoltaic systems in the merchant power segment, ranging up to utility-scale PV power plants, is complex and makes such high demands in terms of system technology that customized solutions are required. Implementation of these solutions at national level in Germany must comply with VDE-AR-N 4105, the BDEW Medium Voltage Directive, VDE-AR-N 4120 and EEG (German Renewable Energy Law) in line with the size of the PV system. At the international level, grid feed-in management is also becoming more significant when it comes to successfully connecting PV systems to the power grid.

The Power Control solar park concept supports both national and international grid codes and thus enables grid-compliant feed-in from PV systems at medium-voltage and high-voltage levels worldwide. The park controller processes defined external target values, calculates the variable quantities in accordance with the reactive power required internally for running PV plant operations, and then transmits this data to the PV inverters. Constant measurement of the parameters at the grid connection point, in combination with a closed control circuit, ensures the precision prescribed by the grid operator in compliance with the permissible setting times. The control of active and reactive power at medium voltage and high voltage can be adapted to the technical specifications of the local grid operators' connectivity requirements.