photovoltaïc installation monitoring system / wireless



  • Applications:

    for photovoltaïc installations

  • Other characteristics:




The SCADA Center allows local control and operation management of PV plants. The SCADA system offers interfaces to all system components, such as data loggers, SPS, various actuators as well as third-party systems, for example of grid operators. The system can be used either alternatively or in parallel to the safer’Sun and VCOM monitoring systems and offers all features required for operation management in a control room on the system. The data is stored on an industrial server on the system, which enables operation management and data management independent of a stable Internet connection. Operation management in a local control room is carried out via one or more workstations offering high-quality analyses for defect identification and alarm management. The SCADA Center by meteocontrol additionally offers extensive protection against unauthorized access in order to meet the growing requirements for information security on SCADA systems.